Obamacare Exemption

Welcome to the Obamacare page of the New Haven Native American Church.  It is perfectly acceptable to have the beliefs of another organized religion and still be a member of our Church. The Native American Church does not dictate any official religious dogma over their members, other than the simple truths found in our Constitution and the Ethical Code of Conduct.  We allow individuals to exercise the freedom the Creator has given them to follow their unique Spiritual Path.  All members follow the dictates of their own hearts and choose their own form and path of worship.  (New Haven does not support a paid clergy so all donations go to furthering the missions of the Church.)

You can be exempted from the Obamacare tax penalty for one of the following:
     A.  Hardships -- generally not having the money to pay for the service.

     B.  Living out of the country -- at least 11 months.  

     C.  A part of a health care sharing ministry -- estimated a $200.00 up front registration fee and then you pay around $400.00 or more a month for family coverage.

     D.  Card carrying member of a federally recognized Native American tribe.  

      E.  Being a member of a church that is recognized by the government as having objections to Obamacare.  
The Amish and Mennonite sects were given special exemption by Congress in 1965 and therefore did not have to specifically quality for the exemption.  

The Obamacare exemption is specifically tied to the Social Security Exemption.  It is our opinion the exemption law was designed to further enslave not protect.  In over seventy years only one  religion was ever given permission to be exempted and that was our New Haven Native American Church.  Since that time our exemption status was taken away due to the issue that the government was confused over our Church on "how it could provide a satisfactorily detailed explanation of how it would provide for its dependent members nationwide".  We find this strange that even though we do have ample support in place for our dependent members and also that we have never had a complaint to the Social Security Administration issued against our Church, still they took our exemption away. 

Like we have seen numerous times before, the conquering government does not play by the same rules they enforce upon others.  The Social Security Administration and the United States of America are heavily in debt and they too can not explain how they will provide for their dependent members other that continue to go further and further in debt.  Sadly history has show humanity the disastrous consequences of such actions and it is the opinion of many economic experts their failure to learn form history this will lead to the death of millions of billions of people.        

We are currently in the process of still trying many ways to legally establish a way for Church members to still be exempted from the Obamacare slavery.  More information about this will be forthcoming.



                                                                      (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act)

The Affordable Care Act was signed into law on March 23, 2010. In this law there is a mandate that requires individuals to be covered by a health care insurance program or pay a penalty on their taxes.  Once again we see the government taking power unto itself and forcing its agenda upon others.  The New Haven Native American Church objects to the government’s interference into our religious freedoms and see this mandate as another form of bond servitude.  (It is easy to predict that the Obamacare penalty will continue to be raised until all peoples are forced into its slavery.)    

We NHNAC believe in the Creator and that the Creator made all men and women who have lived, now live, and who will yet live, as free and equal beings.  We recognize the Earth as our Holy Temple and everything the Creator has placed upon it to be for our learning and use.  We believe that men and women have been endowed with intelligence enough to govern themselves in such a manner as to establish just and right ways to deal with each other.  We belive in our rights to choose!  We consider Obamacare and all such social, political, and economic systems that are designed to enslave, force, or subjugate as evil. 

NHNAC believes it is our right as One People Walking the Earth to take care of ourselves, families, and Spiritual Community as we feel called upon by the Spirit to do so.  We are opposed to private, public, and government’s influence, however well intentioned, to interfere with our rights to govern ourselves and see their interference as a violation of the Creator's will and a form of enslavement.  We regard the taking care of ourselves, families, and Spiritual Community in health, sickness, or old age as our religious obligation and object to interference by private, public, and governments.  The Creator is our provider and as One People Walking the Earth we take care of ourselves and Spiritual Families.

Also it is NHNAC belief that Obamacare is in direct violation of the Church’s Guideline of “First, Do Good” in compelling people to support a harmful and destructive health care system.  It is the Church’s opinion that this law also unlawfully burdens the exercise of our religion and is designed to enslave or subjugate our members.  It is the right of each member of NHNAC to choose their own path of health care and not have one forced upon them by ruling governments.  (It is highly advisable that you read 
The History of the Dysfunctional Health Care System to truly understand more about the real agenda of the medical establishment.)